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 TRIBUTARIES: A Book of Poetry  











TRIBUTARIES: A Book of Poetry

ISBN: 0-922104-36-0

First edition

Soon to be released


The human senses, though finely tuned to observe, cannot comprehend the vastness of life. To go beyond our limitations, we must experience the world through feeling.


Using striking imagery that cuts to the heart, Tributaries: A Book of Poetry deftly describes the wonders of the universe—from a fledgling bird to the unfathomable cosmic ocean above. Every square inch of our world is filled with miracles; every moment is alive; every life is a phenomenon.


Author Pamala Ballingham takes the reader on a journey within and without. Her words and illustrations dance and whirl as if borne on the wind. She elegantly describes the deep feelings of grief and loss, the wealth of nature in our own backyards, and the profundity of deep, abiding love. Taken together, her poems reveal the many textures of a contemplative yet engaged life.


Eyes see far, but the soul feels farther. Ballingham’s poems offer a glimpse into the intangible in a way that only poetry can. As your eyes glide along these words, you will feel your soul grow and bloom to match the vastness of being.


"Pamala Ballingham has a unique quality that allows her to join heart and mind in a way we can all resonate with.  For her, mind becomes a vehicle for the heart to sing its songs in a language that penetrates to the very core of the listener.  Her poems are genuine heart-to-heart communication, imbued with a deep spirituality that brings us face to face with the great mystery of Being.  I find myself savoring them, digesting them, then going back for another serving!"

- Upasaka Culadasa (John Yates, Ph.D.), author of The Mind Illuminated


Pamala Ballingham was born in Oakland, California, and grew up near Albany, New York.  She holds a bachelor's degree in counseling.  Native American traditions and the natural world influence her music, visual art, and poetry.  She and her husband, Tim, cofounded Earth Mother Productions and have produced several award-winning recordings.  Pamala has also directed a program for adults with serious mental illness.  Pamala and Tim live in Tucson, Arizona, and they give workshops and presentations on creativity.



















































































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