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Earth Mother Productions

proudly presents:

TRIBUTARIES: A Book of Poetry

Pamala's poetry delves into the unseen mysteries of the human spirit through the subjects of nature, spirituality, the creative process, grief, and family.

and our music:


Earth Mother Lullalbies

from around the word

(3 volumes)

 Pamala brings you many of the world's finest love songs for children.  Her lush vocals accompanied by harp, flute, guitar, mandolin and piano soothes and relaxes children and adults alike.  Award-winning and highly acclaimed, this collection is described by critics as truly among the very best.

A Treasure of Earth Mother Lullabies

A compilation of the original 3 volume set of Earth Mother Lullabies From Around the World.

Magical Melodies 

from Broadway and Motion Pictures

Enjoy Pamala's pick of some of America's best-loved songs

Voyage for Dreamers

Featuring Pamala's original songs and a few by her friend, 

the late, great singer-songwriter, Kate Wolf.







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